Higtech Oberfläche Kunststoff mit integrierter Sensortechnologie für Touch Funktionen

Touch Control

Touch control turns displays into functionality miracles

Touchscreens are already standard on many home appliances, vehicles, and communication devices. A light tap, swipe, or finger-circle - and functions are set in motion. Simple displays, electro-mechanical buttons, and switches will soon be a thing of the past. An extraordinary user experience coupled with custom design is the future. In collaboration with its high-tech partner PolyIC, KURZ offers flexible sensor technology and state-of-the-art design, perfectly tailored to your needs. You’ll benefit from customized and ready-to-use sensors to suit your integration methods. Functional, durable, and ready for - or already used in - series production.


One production step, countless design possibilities

Functionality and design in just one injection molding process? Absolutely! KURZ and PolyIC combine In-Mold Decoration (IMD) and In-Mold Electronics (IME) in one operation. With the IMD/IME process, you not only benefit from innovative top-quality designs, but also from enormous cost advantages: no additional work steps or intermediate storage are required. In addition, the special PolyTC® films from PolyIC open up completely new possibilities. Because the conductive and transparent sensor films are flexible, wafer-thin, and even suitable for 3D geometries. Bring the future to your customers!


How much touch control do you fancy?

Whether display navigation via gesture control, single- or multi-touch, or with a tap onsensor keys: KURZ is reinventing Human-Machine Interface (HMI) concepts. The interface between man and machine meets the standards expected in terms of user experience and delivers premium functionality and innovative design. As the control elements are located behind the surface, homogenous and elegant designs can be produced, which are also more hygienic than conventional switches or controllers. They are very easy to clean, because there are no bumps in which dirt could accumulate. For door trim and other components with touch functionality, KURZ offers maximum freedom of design: countless colors, patterns, and structures in deceptively real-looking marble, wood, or carbon effects are just as feasible as wide range of real metal coatings - bright metal colors, different gloss levels, or a brushed-metal look. No matter which type of touch control you choose, we’ll work together to find the ideal solution for you.


Touch Display Automotive Türe Bedienelemente

Touch control - light makes the difference

Light is crucial for touch functionality. KURZ offers multiple design variations. Surfaces, for example, can be designed in such a way that icons are invisible and only backlit by a swipe, gentle tap, or finger-circle (invisible until lit / dead front). Another variant is what’s known as day and night design: Depending on the light conditions, different decors are shown on the surface. Ambience lighting creates a very special atmosphere. Freely selectable light colors, for example, illuminate the interior of a car to the individual preferences of the driver. Touch control has become an integral part of the consumer electronics, as well as the home appliances, segments. Magical light creations are conjured up and products receive their own unique fingerprint, thus ensuring an unforgettable user experience. All the while, abrasion resistance for everyday products, durability for designer objects, or chemical resistance, are as natural as individual gloss levels or reflection properties. Let’s talk! We make touch control suitable for your application.

Innovative touch control method

Customer focus, a technological edge, and top quality - that’s the standard we set for ourselves. As a result, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art processes, maximum functionality, and innovative design that is not only beautiful, but also functional and safe. KURZ touch control gives you freedom in function and design. If you wish, we’ll support you from the first idea to the finished product. We find the best solution for your value chain.


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