Functional Foil Bonding (FFB)

When surfaces become control panels

Transforming complex operating options into an easy-to-understand product: that’s the challenge facing developers and designers today. Customers expect a perfect symbiosis of convenience and look. The light color in the interior of their car is tailored to their personal taste, and the steering wheel connects directly to their smartphone. Tapping the homogenous surface will bring up the music icon and launch their favorite playlist. What was still unimaginable just a few years ago has become a matter of course today. With the patent-pending Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) process, KURZ has paved the way for bringing the future into the here and now. Surface design and sensor functionality are combined on a single component, functional elements can be seamlessly integrated into the decor and even into three-dimensional part geometries. Develop visions for your customers! KURZ supports you in bringing your visions to production maturity.

KURZ: extreme levels of freedom with FFB

Due to their innovative nature, these sensors produced by KURZ subsidiary PolyIC allow for sophisticated surface designs and fascinating lighting effects with backlighting. Thus, all controls with single- or multi-touch function or gesture control can be arranged directly on the display area. Flawless capacitive operation can be easily realized even with thick plastics.

Small or large volumes: you develop your vision - we make it come true. Our creative design team always has its finger on the pulse of new trends. Because that’s what makes you the partner of choice for your customers - an exceptional user experience.

Technically sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing, deceptively real to the touch - customers want to be emotionally touched and inspired. With Functional Foil Bonding, KURZ has developed a technology that meets the needs of ambitious users. FFB works for almost all plastics and complex geometries, both for display operation and for smart applications. In the process, capacitive PolyTC® sensors made of wafer-thin metal mesh structures are applied to the plastic surface on the back of a component. Highly transparent and radiolucent, they are practically invisible, which plays an important role especially for smart displays.

Sensors stick

Conventional methods may cause the sensors to detach from their substrate over time. Not so with Functional Foil Bonding. Even in the case of strong temperature fluctuations, the sensors work precisely, even in curved surfaces. This has been proven by the flawless results of the climatic change test in the automotive sector. Depending on the geometry and size of the component and the sensor, the transmission takes place by means of a stroke or roll-on process. Functional Foil Bonding can also be directly linked to your injection molding process. We can offer you the right system for this through our subsidiary BAIER. You’ll benefit from low sensor costs, high quality, and a consistent process. So, you can easily meet even high industry specifications.

The main advantages of Functional Foil Bonding at a glance

  • More reliable than conventional processes such as integration through OCA (optical clear adhesives)

  • High optical quality for a wide variety of surface decorations

  • Highly transparent and therefore radiolucent

  • Meets even high demands on reliability

  • Extremely precise positioning of capacitive sensors in the component

  • Simple integration of the process into your value chain

  • Low additional costs

  • Variable processes depending on the value chain

You’re not sure how to best integrate Functional Foil Bonding in your value chain? Let’s talk! Depending on the component geometry, we determine the most efficient integration process for you - inline or offline, automated or manual.

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