Surface cladding

Make your surfaces unique

All customers have their own ideas because they want to turn their products into special brands. With KURZ you have a partner on your side who can supply you with the right machines, dies, and tools for every requirement. Our standardized machines for the plastics and graphics sectors include embossing, sealing, standing, labeling, and cleaning machines. The machines of KURZ subsidiary BAIER are used for complex hot stamping projects. Metal and silicone dies and the corresponding tool holders are produced by KURZ subsidiary Hinderer+Mühlich (H+M). To meet your very individual requirements, we deliver custom solutions according to your specifications, for example hybrid solutions such as the combination of hot stamping and new technologies or cleaning machines, whether for upstream or downstream process steps, with production cells or robot feed. Our experts boast unique expertise, based on years of experience and continuous further development of existing systems. We put our solutions through their paces to get the results your customers want. Machines, dies, tools and decors are perfectly matched. The excellent fit of the tools guarantees optimum edge definition and surface quality for all hot stamping processes offered by KURZ. Working closely together, we can find solutions for your applications that nobody has ever thought of.


KURZ hot stamping machines for quality plastic decoration

Robust, reliable, always state-of-the-art. That’s what characterizes the hot stamping machines of KURZ subsidiary BAIER. Be it for special editions or large series, gardening tools, pens, or laptops. With over 70 years of experience, we have built thousands of embossing machines for our customers. Based on the BAIER kit system, we develop individual concepts that fit perfectly into your production chain. Our expertise ranges from simple and manually operated embossing machines to complex fully automatic embossing systems for small or large series production. We support you with tailor-made machines for the finishing of your products and develop the right machine depending on the specifications. Thus, you can precisely adjust parameters such as pressure, contact time, and embossing temperature to suit your requirements. We produce excellent results.


Series-ready individuality - you can resolve this apparent contradiction with BAIER BINSPIRE. This hybrid machine combines sensor integration via Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) for touch operation, and customization via digital printing in one machine unit.

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IMD foil feed units of the C/SI/SI-DUO series

Do you want to decorate endless films, single-image films, or even two designs at the same time? KURZ has the right machine for every application. For applications in the automotive industry, for example, the C series is the equipment of choice for you. For double foil processing of endless decors, this series is also available with the TWIN feature. The SI series is the ideal choice for consumer electronics. It allows you to position individual image decoration in both the X and the Y direction. An innovative way to simultaneously decorate two different designs is the patent-pending SI-DUO series. Two plastic components can be provided with different single-image or even endless decorsin one operation. For example, you can design a component with a dead-front design and a black surface in our day design, and a backlit touch panel in our night design. The second surface can be transparent, with a scratch-resistant topcoat and an exceptional look. To ensure that both decors are applied accurately, extreme precision is required. This is ensured by sensors in the feed unit, which align the register marks of the IMD film with an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimeter. At the same time, the components can be converted into functional surfaces through In-Mold Electronics (IME), by integrating a touch sensor from KURZ subsidiary PolyIC.

Embossing stamps and tools made of silicone and metal

Perfect embossing requires perfect tools. KURZ subsidiary Hinderer+Mühlich offers the right tools for every application: silicone flat and molded stamping dies, large dies, embossing wheels and rollers, silicone pads, metal dies, workpiece holders, and positioning aids. Our silicone tools compensate for unevenness in the plastic part and guarantee sharp edges. Using different silicone thicknesses also allows for sophisticated peripheral embossing on cylindrical, conical, and non-round parts. Thanks to our high-performance silicone dies, the embossing tools also reach their operating temperature extremely quickly. Metal dies made of brass or steel are particularly suitable for low-tolerance plastic parts or plastics with a high plastification point. They are used, for example, in medical devices or rulers. In addition, we also produce dies for motifs, holograms, and signature fields on credit and customer cards. Our expertise extends from simple dies to highly complex 3D workpiece holders. Always perfectly matched to the purpose, geometry, and motif of the embossing.


ISIMAT - fully automatic printing presses

For unusual hollow bodies, platen presses, or tubes with sophisticated shapes, KURZ subsidiary ISIMAT is the partner of choice. When planning, we not only consider your product requirements and technical specifications, but also individual requirements for decorating glass or plastic containers. You will also receive the right printing solutions from us, which we integrate into your process chain, be it as stand-alone or inline solutions. Due to the modular design of our systems, you can choose from various control and design solutions. Our portfolio ranges from standard machines through customer-specific systems to hybrid machines. In addition, you can combine different printing technologies in one machine, such as silk-screen printing, varnishing, and hot stamping.


Remote service - so you don’t lose any time

Just imagine there’s an issue with your decoration process and you need help urgently. You pick up your smartphone and have an expert on the line mere moments later. Together you solve the problem; the machines are back on in no time. This is exactly how the KURZ solution works: on-call remote service. Fast, pragmatic, and at eye level. Simply download the KURZ service app to your smartphone and enter the QR code. The code tells the app which machine from which manufacturer is affected so it can connect to the right expert. As if they were standing right next to you, you can view plans and documentation together, highlight affected areas, consult, and, if necessary, involve further experts live to fix the problem directly. The solution is stored in the KURZ knowledge database. As a result, you’ll get to save costs and valuable time, and machine downtimes are reduced. And you, as a customer, get to know your system inside out in this way.


Innovative solutions with the right machines and tools

To achieve optimum production results, all requirements must be right: ideal spatial utilization, the right equipment, and perfect integration into the production process. Rely on decades of experience in various industries. We'll help you match the decor, machine, and die to get the results you want. Rely on made-to-measure tool technology from KURZ.

The advantages of the KURZ machine portfolio at a glance:

  • Customer-specific requirements can be implemented. We provide special machines for your individual needs

  • Flexible kit system, which can be easily integrated into your existing value chain

  • Economical solutions that fit your budget

  • Large variety of machines, from manual to fully automatic, from standard to special machines

  • A complete range - from stamping foil to production equipment, all from a single source. You’ll benefit from one single point of contact

  • Remote service on-demand, so your machines aren’t down any longer than necessary

We support you in making your production economical and sustainable, with optimum solutions - so that you can strengthen your market position. Contact us so that we can provide you with the perfect hot stamping machines, dies, and tools. We’ll accompany you all the way.


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